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Northwest Sheds is the new name for TML fencing as we have grown into the sectional building sector over the last 10 years. We felt it was only right to put all our commitment and effort into building our sheds to give the best results to our customers.

We are consistently told that we not only build and install the best quality timber buildings but that the prices are unbelievable too! With many extras available from the choice of windows, fittings, wider doors, shutters, and grilles, we really can take your ideas and turn them into an affordable reality!

With FREE Delivery to ALL our customers – there is really no need to look elsewhere! Call us today and see what we can do for you!

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WE Are a uk manufacturer

Shiplap 16mm

Shiplap is the most common cladding we use on our sheds all our shiplap is bought in at ex 16mm leaving a finish of 12mm making for a very strong and robust shed.

Loglap 22 mm

Log lap is much stronger cladding and to a lot gives a nicer finish . Bought in atex 22mm and a finish of 19mm log lap is well worth the extra cost .

Framing 50 x 38 mm

Framing comes in all different thicknesses .We mainly use4 round corner 50mm x 38mm and is thicker than a lot of our competitors tend to use.

T&g v-lap 16mm

T&g is used on all our sheds for the floor and roofs,T&g is bought in at ex16mm leaving a finish of 12mm making for a very strong and robust, long-lasting shed.

25KG Mineral felt

Shed feltis a very important part of the shed keeping the elements out and keeping your shed dry.we use a 25kg heavy duty felt supplied by a leading manufacturer.