After Care for Your Shed

Always check there are no over hanging branches over your building as these can break and damage your felt.

Check you have no puddles collecting under your building.

Silicone seals may need to be replaced over time.

Your building is made from 100% pressure treated timber, so is fully protected against rot and insect attack.

Due to the way pressure treated Timber is treated there can be moisture in the Timber after your shed has been fitted, by leaving your door open and the air vents supplied with your shed this will help dry it out.

It is your responsibility to make sure your shed water tight by using a water proof paint working it into all the Timber and nail holes as soon as possible. More than one coat will be needed.

We do recommend you put guttering onto your shed, this will help take the water away from the roof and stop it dripping down the side panels causing damp.

If your building is put up on a wet dry please leave the door open to allow it to dry out quicker, on colder days condensation can occur on your shed roof, please check this before you ring to tell us your shed roof leaks.

We use the best felt on the market, heavy duty polyester felt. This can ripple or bubble from time to time but this will not affect the shed in any way.